Landllord Licencing Requirement and New Lead Law



There have been many updates and changes the past few years required by the city for landlords in Philadelphia and I wanted to review these for investors.

Information for the New Lead Certification Law …

Potential Vendors to Get Lead Certification Testing:

D-Tech Environmental Testing – 215.233.5888   
    Fee –  $300 per Unit / Retest Fee – $300
Lead Safe Tech, LLC –  215.600.3610
    Fee – $215/ 1B Unit or $387/ For Two 1 Bedroom Units /  Retest Fee – 1/2 Original Fee
Lead Safe Resources – 267.417.4187 Anthony Galasso  
     Fee – $199/1B Unit, $249/2B Unit, $299/3B Unit

Keep in mind a clear test result is effective for 4 years. If you do not pass the test the first time, you must re mediate and re-test.  It is a two part test.  1st Part – Inspector will verify there is no cracked paint.  If they find cracked paint, they have to come back and will charge you again most likely.  2nd Part – Inspector will collect a Lead Dust Sample from the window sills and doors.

Here are the recommended steps to be taken prior to the testing from the vendors:

– Paint any chipped paint on woodwork, walls (especially basement walls) and ceilings both on the interior and exterior
– Wipe down and clean window sills and floors including in the basement
– Sweep any paint chips/dust at the exterior foundation of the house, they will test the soil around the building as well for lead contamination.  If there is soil next to the structure put down mulch so the soil isn’t exposed.
– Schedule for test well in advance of your zip code deadline to make sure you are compliant and able to schedule the lead paint inspectors and paint vendors


Annual Costs For A Rental Property:

Rental License: $56 per unit/annually
Fire Alarm Certification for 3 or More Units:$350/ annually
City Trash Fee: $500/annually
Lead Certification: $350/good for 4 Years

As a landlord you are required to provide the following documents when executing a new lease.  It includes the below and please click on text for the links for more details and the documents.  All of the licenses can be applied for and renewed on the city of Philadelphia’s website, Eclipse.

Commercial Activity License
Rental License for Each Unit
Certificate of Rental Suitability
Lead Paint Disclosure
Philadelphia Bed Bug Brochure
Partners in Good Housing Brochure
Partners in Housing – Update with Water Info
Disclosure Smoking Policy

Some additional items to make sure you have in the apartment..
– Fire extinguisher in every unit that does not have a sprinkler system
– Smoke detectors on each floor, outside of every bedroom
– CO2 detectors within 15 feet of each bedroom

If you are renting a house or apartment for a short term or as an Airbnb, here is a link with further details here.. Short Term Rental Details.  Also, renting a condo has different requirements.

As a Landlord, these two programs can be very beneficial:
PGW Landlord Program – No fee and can alert you of potential shutoffs from non-payment of the tenants
HAPCO – Costs $125 annually and provides assistance with evictions and a resource of information from other landlords

This is a quick overview and please reach out, as always, if you have any further questions.