The Dirt on Composting in Philadelphia



Have you seen all the composting buckets start to pop up on your walks in town?  I was curious myself and wanting to limit the amount of trash I put out weekly for the city and did some “digging”.

I found you can join services with an annual fee of about $200

Bennett Composting
Circle Compost
The Dirt Factory (relocating)
In the Burbs:
Compost Coop
Kitchen Harvest

There was a recent online article about the city opening up a pilot program for free compost sites but the city confirmed that was incorrect.  They said this is possible in the near future but now they are working on two programs a Community Composting Pilot that provides support to existing community gardens to install best in class composting programs and a partnership with a commercial composting company to collect food waste from 30 rec centers.

I think these programs are fantastic on so many levels first alleviating the amount of trash being put out, thus lowering costs for the city, and of course great gardening soil.