Helpful Links and Numbers

City Services

Dog Licencing 215.686.LOST
Philadelphia Revenue Department
Historical Commission 215.686.7660
Alley Lights 215.686.5516
Neighborhood Parking Permits 215.683.9739 or 9732
Handicap Parking Signs 215.683.9741
Home Improvement Permits 215.686.2467
Temporary Construction Dumpster Permit 686.5500
Temporary No Parking Sign Requests 215.686.5525
Block Party Permits 215.686.3488
Licences and Inspections
Street Snow Plowing 215.686.5560
Trash Collection 215.686.5560
Hazardous Waste Drop-Off 215.686.5560
Recycling Bins 215.686.RECYCLE
Voter Registration 215.686.1505

Utility Departments
Water Department
Philadelphia Gas Works
Electric Company