Society Hill – Seller

Claudia McGill represented us in the sale in Society Hill. She managed the process during our family’s transition to DC, which complicated logistics and communications substantially, requiring coordination with out-of-town qrandparents and nannies as well as adult owners, prospective buyers and agents. As our transition accelerated, our goals for the sale also evolved, requiring adjustments of strategy and intensity of negotiations.

Claudia dealt with it all with patience, tact, and helpful problem-solving. She was not only professional but warm and thoughtful to all concerned, which made the process much more bearable for everybody.

Claudia also brought intelligent and energetic marketing to our property, accessing a number of networks she has cultivated to advertise it both with people moving within the city and those moving into it. She has a terrific eye for staging and gave us invaluable advice about furniture arrangements and storage, plus a few well-placed plants and pillows.

In short we not only benefitted from working with Claudia as a strong professional but also gained a great deal of insight from her experience with other properties in addition to the feedback about our own. She’s lovely to work with and an wonderful agent in every way.

Society Hill – Seller

Claudia has been a wonderful guide and friend to us during the process of selling our house. Her knowledge of the local market is intimate and detailed and this helped us in understanding comparables and pricing the property.
Extraordinarily responsive, she was a strong advocate for us and a resource for us as we went through the sometimes difficult process of selling our first home. Claudia was a 5-star agent for us in every way!